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Azerbaijani ambassador told how official Baku defended Karabakh in Brussels


Adoption of a final document at the meeting of foreign ministers devoted to the tenth anniversary of the launch of the EU Eastern Partnership program in Brussels was not envisaged at all. The Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Belgium and Luxembourg, Head of the Azerbaijani Representation to the EU Fuad Isgandarov told journalists about this, commenting on the information that Azerbaijan did not agree with the final document following the meeting and that Azerbaijan's use of the right to veto is due to the lack of references to the country's territorial integrity.

The ambassador noted that the issue was comprehensively voiced by Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov during the high-level conference dedicated to the decade of the Eastern Partnership (for information, please visit

According to Isgandarov, the adoption of the final document on the ministerial meeting in Brussels, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership, was not envisaged at all: 'Also, the discussions held during the nomination of proposals for the adoption of a single document of the Eastern Partnership and all EU member states and European institutions were procedural in nature. Discussions were centred around whether the document would be concise or extended, comprehensive, and paying attention to all points, as was the case at previous summits. Azerbaijan was a supporter of the full reflection of the fundamental issues of all countries - members of the EU and the countries of the Eastern Partnership in the event of the adoption of the final document. In this context, the issue of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of all Eastern Partnership countries was jointly proposed by Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova. It was simply for the purpose of a definite reduction of the document that it was agreed that during the discussions of the Eastern Partnership countries with the EU institutions and member countries, the document contained references to documents of previous summits and thus reflected the above principles. The document titled 'Chair's concluding remarks,' signed by EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Federica Mogherini, contains all references to documents from previous summits.'

Fuad Isgandarov once again stressed that territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence were unambiguously recognised at all the Eastern Partnership summits.

The ambassador noted that Azerbaijan did not hold special discussions with the Georgian and Ukrainian parties on this document.

In conclusion, it was agreed that this short, non-declaration document should be reflected as 'Chair's Final Remarks.'

In contrast to the above facts, the celebration of 'non-recognition of territorial integrity' of Azerbaijan in the Armenian press is absurd: 'If the opposite side carefully reads the document, it will see references to documents adopted at previous summits.'

The ambassador emphasised that the foreign policy of Azerbaijan is based on the interests of the state, the norms and principles of international law: 'The current visit of President Ilham Aliyev to Brussels is the most vivid example of this relationship.'

Ambassador Isgandarov reminded that during the visit a number of high-level meetings were held and events dedicated to the decade of the Eastern Partnership continued. 'Elmar Mammadyarov also participated in these events, and the position of Azerbaijan based on the national interests of the country was voiced in all the discussions held.'

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