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Vasif Talibov at meeting with new leadership of State Security Service


On 9 July, a meeting was held at the State Security Service (SSS) of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (NAR) on the measures taken to ensure security in NAR and the tasks ahead. As informs NUHÇIXAN agency, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov took part in the meeting.

Chief of the State Security Service of NAR Nurlan Panahov, speaking at the meeting, said that the organisation of the service and the strengthening of the material and technical base create opportunities for the successful implementation of the tasks set. According to him, during the times of the Soviet Union, the security forces of the Autonomous Republic worked under difficult conditions. However, now, large-scale work carried out in NAR has covered the State Security Service, including the city and district departments of the Service, created all the necessary conditions for work, improved the social conditions of the SSS officers. Nurlan Panahov spoke about the security measures taken in NAR and, on behalf of the SSS personnel, thanked the chairman of the Supreme Council for the conditions created and the high confidence shown.

Then Chief of the Foreign Intelligence Service (FIS) of NAR Fariz Bagirov made a speech. He said that the FIS was established in the Autonomous Republic in 2016. According to him, over the past period, consistent steps have been taken to organise the activities of the Service, which meets modern requirements. The commissioning of the new administrative building, the strengthening of the material and technical base created all the conditions for the successful implementation of the tasks. The result of all this was to ensure the security of the Autonomous Republic. Fariz Bagirov told those present about the events held by the FIS, thanked NAR leadership on behalf of the FIS team and said that the Service staff will continue to diligently carry out the tasks assigned to them.

Chief of the SSS Julfa District Office Nasimi Abbasli said that now stability and security are ensured in the Autonomous Republic. The activities on development of the security agencies covered the Julfa Office too, and the organisation of the service and the social conditions of the staff were improved. Nasimi Abbasli brought to the attention of the participants information about events held by the Offce of the State Security Service of Julfa district.

'This year marks 50 years since National Leader Heydar Aliyev came to the leadership of Azerbaijan. Years of service in the state security agencies and measures taken to develop this sphere occupied a special place in the political and state activities of this great person. Now we can confidently say that the formation and development of state security agencies, which are the most important areas of Azerbaijani statehood, are inextricably linked with the name of the National Leader,' said Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov, who spoke at the meeting.

'In the 1960s of the last century, despite the political and ideological obstacles created by the leadership of the Soviet Union, the National Leader who headed the state security organs was able to bring national cadres to the foreground. During the Nakhchivan period of political activity of the National Leader, on 20 September 1992, the Ministry of National Security of NAR was created. During the years of independence, the material and technical base of the security agencies was strengthened in Azerbaijan and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, modern conditions of service were created and the personnel potential was improved,' said Vasif Talibov.

He said that in accordance with the reforms carried out in government bodies, on the basis of the Decree of the President of Azerbaijan dated 14 December 2015, the State Security Service of NAR was established by Decree of the NAR Supreme Council on 18 December 2015, and the Foreign Intelligence Service of NAR on 21 January 2016. The regulations on the activities of these services were also approved. According to these documents, the State Security Service carries out counter-intelligence and operational-search activities, and the FIS carries out intelligence activities. According to Vasif Talibov, the current period, the processes taking place in the world have put the issue of ensuring national security to the forefront of the main tasks. Violation of territorial integrity and socio-political stability, separatism, the spread of ethnic, religious and political extremism, interference in the internal affairs of countries, international terrorism, attempts to obtain state secrets and other similar activities are the main dangerous factors for the security of any country. The chairman of the Supreme Council of NAR said that for this reason, the proper organisation of counter-intelligence and intelligence work directly guarantees the security of the state and the people.

Vasif Talibov noted that intelligence is a special activity aimed at obtaining and analysing information on the protection of national interests in the political, economic, social, scientific, technical, military and other areas of the country. And counter-intelligence is the detection and prevention of actions carried out by foreign special services and individuals against the sovereignty of the country, territorial integrity, the constitutional order, economic, defence, scientific and technical potential and that could damage other national interests.

Vasif Talibov reminded the audience of the words of National Leader Heydar Aliyev about the security agencies. Heydar Aliyev said: 'The state security agencies, or intelligence agencies, win, fully fulfil their duties in the case when there are professional personnel and work style.' The chairman of the Supreme Council of NAR emphasised that in accordance with the recommendations of the National Leader, one of the main tasks in the Autonomous Republic is to properly organise the activities of state security agencies. Today, key indicators of the development of the republic are provided in NAR, such as food, energy and defence security. But if national security is not ensured, one cannot speak of general development, stability, or well-being,' Vasif Talibov stressed.

'Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic has a strategic location. The presence of the border with the country-occupier and the possible risks are forcing to expand security measures. Therefore, the special service bodies of the Autonomous Republic should take into account modern challenges and take proactive measures, intensifying activities to fully ensure security. The Foreign Intelligence Service should strengthen its activities aimed at the extraction and analysis of information related to the protection of state interests in the political, economic, social, military, scientific, technical, informational and other spheres of the Autonomous Republic. Information should also be received on the plans of foreign special services, criminal groups and individuals against the interests of the state and real and potential security threats predicted,' he said.

Vasif Talibov noted that preventive work with persons who are carriers of information that is a state secret should be continued and attempts to use various religious views for political purposes should be stopped in time. It is also necessary to prevent the penetration of religious extremism and strengthen the proactive measures against international terrorism and other forms of transnational crime.

Vasif Talibov instructed the State Security Service to increase the effectiveness of operational investigative and counter-intelligence activities aimed at providing security in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

At the meeting there was also noted the importance of compliance with the rules for the storage and use of ammunition, as well as the application of preventive measures to preserve state property. In addition, it is necessary to constantly control the acquisition by the occupier country of new types of weapons, increase by it of the number of troops in the vicinity of the borders. Special service bodies should pay special attention to the protection of information providing state secrets, secrecy regime, etc.

The chairman of the Supreme Assembly also touched upon personnel issues, noting that people notable for their patriotism, professionalism and loyalty to the state should be admitted to the special service bodies.

'National Leader Heydar Aliyev said: 'Everyone who works in security agencies should know that he is first required to be loyal to the Azerbaijani state. He is responsible to his conscience, society and the state.' The head of the Soviet state security organs, Yuri Andropov, stated that 'on the one hand there is a political situation, and on the other, an operational one. And they always do not correspond to each other: the two states can have good political connections, but at the same time, intelligence and counter-intelligence officers should struggle diligently.' And the legendary secret agent Richard Sorge wrote: 'Neither I nor my assistants have ever resorted to blackmail, violence, betrayal, provocations, terror and other dirty means. Instead, we used creative discovery, deep analysis, strict discipline, impeccable confidential information,' said Vasif Talibov.

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