Azerbaijani Politics 20 august — 23:39

Deputy PM Ali Ahmadov on danger threatening Azerbaijan


'The tactics of invading the internal affairs of states through interference in the electoral process has been widely used recently. High-profile investigations in this regard probably indicate that the use of modern political technologies has reached a dangerous limit for the sovereignty of nation states,' Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan, Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) Ali Ahmadov shared thoughts on his Facebook page.

Ali Ahmadov noted that serious warnings are being heard in the United States, Europe and Russia about interference from outside in the electoral processes; as they say, they sound the alarm.

According to Ali Ahmadov, the spread of outrageous lies and slander about Azerbaijan is being done by the sold out representatives of the Azerbaijani opposition, who received asylum as political emigrants.

YAP's deputy chairman stated that cases of 'tough interference' in the election process, support and training of the opposition, and other formats have a long history. And it has repeatedly happened in Azerbaijan.

'We often find that opposition rallies are closely monitored by foreign embassies, that they receive detailed information about these actions in advance, and even that at those rallies are present persons arriving with special missions from abroad. Moreover, a number of European countries, on the proposal of the opposition parties, provide dozens of people with a residence permit in order to later use them in conducting propaganda against the country whose citizens they are. It came to the point that only a membership card of some opposition parties is enough to obtain the status of a 'political refugee,' A. Ahmadov wrote.

According to him, a frequent subject of investigation in the media was the fact that people unrelated to politics emigrated abroad with fake membership cards of opposition parties.

'I'm not saying this in order to expose the falsification activities of some leaders of the opposition parties in this issue. I just want to draw attention to how large-scale and disgusting forms this process has taken,' Ali Ahmadov says.

Ali Ahmadov noted that a new form of interference in the internal affairs of countries, conducting propaganda against these countries and interference in the electoral process is being tested. One such form is Internet TV.

'The saddest thing is that in the name of alien and dangerous interests, the dirty campaign of lies and slander against Azerbaijan is waged by those receiving political refugee status, and, naturally, by representatives of the Azerbaijani opposition. Only naive people can think that television Internet channels are created and work with limited financial resources. Not at all. The resources of a person who does nothing in the country in which he received asylum will not be enough for the operation of an Internet TV channel, which requires considerable expenses. I assure you that these people receive the necessary financial support. One of the owners of the Internet TV that I mentioned spends 10 thousand dollars a month just on advertising,' said Ali Ahmadov.

In his opinion, a wide network of propaganda against Azerbaijan is being created, and some representatives of the Azerbaijani opposition are conducting this work.

'Therefore, I urge all the healthy forces of Azerbaijan, standing on the position of national interests, to unite in a single front against foreign propaganda, especially against interference in political processes and elections. I believe that parties that place national interests above all else, regardless of political views, will give a decisive and dignified answer to those who, having sold themselves to interested foreign forces, use suspicious financing to oppose the Azerbaijani state,' Ali Ahmadov said.

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