Azerbaijani Politics 11 september — 15:34

Azerbaijani deputy PM to opposition: 'Have you participated in talks with Patrushev?!'


During the round table on the topic 'Inadmissibility of external interference in political processes in Azerbaijan,' conducted with the participation of political parties in Baku, a dispute arose between the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan, Sardar Jalaloglu and the Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party, Deputy PM Ali Ahmadov.

During the event, Sardar Jalaloglu said that Russia was making attempts to intervene in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan and recalled the recent visit of the Secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev.

This, in turn, provoked a sharp reaction from Ali Ahmadov.

'Sardar Jalaloglu, did you participate in negotiations with Patrushev?! If you don't know, why are you making statements that simply come to your mind? We too have an Order of Friendship. Russia also has such a tradition. It is not awarded for protection and defence of territories, but simply for one's contribution to the development of interstate ties. Do not confuse the public with frivolous ideas. We should not deal with gossip here. However, we have another topic for discussion. We must admit that everyone knows perfectly well at what level Azerbaijan has risen. Have Azerbaijan of 20 years ago been the same as today?!,' Ali Ahmadov asked a rhetorical question.

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