Azerbaijani Politics 30 october — 16:29

Hikmet Hajiyev: 'Resolution on 'Armenian genocide' is biased and unjust


We consider the resolution No.296 of the US House of Representatives on the fictional 'Armenian genocide' to be biased and unjust. This was told to reporters by the Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, Hikmet Hajiyev.

Hajiyev noted that this resolution has no political, legal and historical basis, and was adopted as a result of the efforts of pro-Armenian lobby groups.

According to him, the events that occurred at that time should not be studied by politicians, but by historians.

'Armenia and the circles of the Armenian lobby turned the fictional 'Armenian genocide' into an object of political speculation. Thus, they want to hide the crimes committed by Armenians in the South Caucasus and in other regions. Therefore, Armenia does not accept the proposal of Turkey to investigate those events by a joint commission. Falsification of history, attempts to 'rewrite history' and its use for the purpose of political pressure are unacceptable,' Hajiyev emphasised.

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