Azerbaijani Politics 5 november — 19:24

And now Ali Insanov, Isa Gambar and Ali Karimli in the same row



A meeting of opposition leaders of Azerbaijan was held in Baku today. Our attention was attracted by the fact of the participation of the ex-minister of health, ex-political prisoner Ali Insanov at the consultations of the leaders of the opposition parties.

The meeting was attended by the current and former Musavat leaders - Arif Hajili and Isa Gambar, the Popular Front Party leader, Ali Karimli, the leader of the People's Party, Panah Huseyn. However, two political figures who were still not involved in the traditional meetings of the opposition - ex-minister Ali Insanov and the head of the Turan news agency, Mehman Aliyev were especially noticeable.

According to Turan and other media, the meeting participants discussed the failed October strategy of the PFPA rallies, becoming convinced of the failure of mobilisation measures that could change the socio-political situation in Azerbaijan.

One gets the impression that this meeting was initiated by the Popular Front Party and Ali Karimli in order to smooth out the disastrous results of the past rally tactics. Since the main issue on the agenda, discussed at an informal meeting of the so-called opposition leaders, was the co-optation of efforts and the participation of general opposition forces together at the next rallies.

Particular attention is drawn to the fact that ex-minister Ali Insanov was sitting next to the former leader of Musavat, whom at one time not only criticised, but even demanded his execution.

'Isa Gambar is a name that requires the restoration of the death penalty in Azerbaijan,' said deputy Ali Insanov, speaking in the Milli Majlis in 1997.

The unification of Isa Gambar and Ali Insanov in one line of resistance is a manifestation of cynicism, lack of ideals, and opportunistic interests of each political organisation represented in this unnatural format.

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