Azerbaijani Politics 13 february — 09:12

Ilham Aliyev appraised OSCE/ODIHR parliamentary elections report


'The vast majority of observers praised the elections. Some noted that these elections could set an example for other countries. I believe that the report of the OSCE/ODIHR, an organisation that has always been biased towards us, was balanced and more objective than in previous years. Of course, we do not agree with all the points, but on the whole it was more objective than before,' Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said at a meeting with ASAN service volunteers in Kurdamir, Azerbaijan State News Agency reports.

'We announced that the violations that have occurred will be very seriously investigated, the perpetrators will be strictly punished and after that we will continue our activities and cooperation with all international organisations in this direction,' said the head of state.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev noted that over 1300 people had been nominated for parliament, and this was a record high.

'This shows that the elections were held in competitive conditions. If on average 10 people participate in a constituency, isn't this a competition? In the final report it was written that there was no competition. What then is competition? Each candidate freely held meetings in one's constituency, said what one wanted, and some even criticised the government. And no one interfered with this. So what is open competition then? Why is the expression 'freedom of assembly was not ensured' always used against us? This is a lie, freedom of assembly was ensured. Because now everyone can exercise their right to freedom of assembly, but within the framework of the law. As in other countries.

Therefore, the electoral process met all democratic criteria. No one can say that there were any violations in the election process. I believe that on election day the elections were very positive and if there were serious violations, then I want to say again that they will be investigated. I know that the CEC has already begun an active investigation, collecting information from the field. We do not want violations. Violators should be punished so that this does not happen again in the future. There is no need for this. Because today, I'm talking about this absolutely sincerely, in Azerbaijan there is no alternative to our policy. There is no political force that could earn the sympathy of the people, and these elections have shown it once again. Our policy meets the interests of the vast majority of our people, and the work done by us is clearly visible,' the head of state emphasised.

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