Azerbaijani Politics 24 march — 21:39

President Aliyev about restrictive measures due to coronavirus


'I believe that the additional restrictive measures announced on 14 March and yesterday are a timely step. Because we are taking steps in accordance with the current situation. Taking preventive measures to prevent the development of the situation in a negative direction, we simultaneously protect ourselves. We must protect the state, our people, citizens, especially the elderly. Their actions are also to some extent limited. I believe that this can be understood, since the most at-risk group is the elderly.' As informs Azerbaijan State News Agency, President Ilham Aliyev said this in an interview with Azerbaijani television.

'To provide for lonely elderly people, according to my instructions, mobilisation of social workers, who will perform this work, is provided. At the same time, taking this opportunity, I want to turn to the army of thousands of volunteers. I believe that our volunteers should also be involved in this work, keep in touch with the Operational Headquarters, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. In any case, the ministry has also been instructed to provide older people with services at their place of residence - whether providing medicines or products - to protect single elderly people.

I believe that the customs and traditions, national values of our people will help us in the fight against this virus, as a lot of respect is always shown to older people. They rarely live alone. There are few such people in Azerbaijan, approximately several thousand people. However, their well-being will be provided as well.

In a word, I think that all the work done so far are the right steps taken in a timely manner. The state is doing and will do everything possible. But in the fight against this tragic disease, much depends on citizens. Once again I urge citizens to responsibility, they must comply with the new rules, the special quarantine regime, and take this issue very seriously. They need to know that their health and the health of their loved ones is in their hands. The state is doing everything possible. But thanks to the responsibility, discipline of citizens, our struggle in this area will become even more focused and successful,' said President Ilham Aliyev.

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