Azerbaijani Politics 24 march — 22:29

Ilham Aliyev called on all citizens to support doctors


'We have acquired new laboratories. Everyone probably knows that the purchase of medical supplies and equipment has also become a problem, because all countries want to buy them, and there are not many manufacturers. Therefore, having timely acquired these laboratories and delivered tests, we have achieved great opportunities. More than ten hospitals were allocated both for quarantine and treatment of people infected with this disease.' As informs Azerbaijan State News Agency, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said this in an interview with Azerbaijani television, answering a question about measures taken to combat the spread of coronavirus.

'In order to improve the financial situation of doctors serving patients, and to appropriately evaluate their work, the issue of increasing their salaries has been resolved. They will receive salaries in the 3-5-fold amount, instructions have already been given, funds have been allocated. Taking this opportunity, I want to once again express my gratitude to the Azerbaijani doctors. They really show great heroism, risking their own lives, health, and honour their duty. I urge all citizens to support doctors. Also, referring to people infected with this disease, of course, we understand that both their physical and psychological condition is affected by the disease, I recommend that they be attentive to doctors,' said the head of state.

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