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Ilham Aliyev received new officials ... and again called for merciless fight against corruption (Photo, Updated)


'Heads of the Agstafa and Imishli districts were arrested. The public was informed about this. An investigation is underway, and law enforcement agencies will establish everything,' Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said today, on 21 May, while receiving the newly appointed heads of the Executive Authorities of the Agstafa and Imishli districts, Seymur Orujov and Elchin Rzayev, in a video link format, informs Azerbaijan State News Agency.

The head of state emphasised that the violations committed by the heads of the Agstafa and Imishli districts were also observed in other districts, whose leaders have already been taken into custody.

'This once again shows that the fight against corruption, bribery and embezzlement in Azerbaijan is conducted not in words, but in practice, and will be continued in the future. Now the activities of local and central executive bodies are being checked, and all violations will be revealed.

In Azerbaijan, the fight against corruption and bribery must be ruthless. I have already expressed my opinion on this issue, but I want to say it again: for the successful and sustainable development of Azerbaijan, all negative phenomena must be put to an end. In the districts you lead, in your work, you must wage a serious fight against negative phenomena. Corruption, bribery and theft must be eradicated. In this you will be provided with serious state support. At the same time, you must involve the general public in this struggle, because public control is a very important factor in the fight against negative phenomena. I am glad that recently the mechanisms of public control have been improved. First of all, you must analyse the situation and solve problems that concern people. Please inform the relevant central authorities about issues that you cannot solve on your own so that they can find their solution in an expeditious manner,' said the head of state.

'What will people think, if a head of an Executive Authority does not fulfil his duties, but, on the contrary, torments people, encroaches on their property, appropriates help for the poor, as well as salary cards for those working in public works, and is smeared in corruption?

You must set an example both at work and in life. You must work so that people are satisfied with you. If people are pleased with you, then I will be pleased with your work. Therefore, deeply study the situation, make efforts to resolve issues. And for what you don't have enough strength, contact the Presidential Administration, the Cabinet of Ministers and relevant state bodies,' Ilham Aliyev emphasised.

'A large class of entrepreneurs has formed in Azerbaijan. However, in some cases, entrepreneurs face difficulties. When they want to implement a project or make some kind of investment, they are faced with the problems that officials create,' also said President Ilham Aliyev.

'This absolutely must not be allowed. On the contrary, you must attract entrepreneurs, they must believe you. Now around the world there is a struggle for investment. Countries put forward their proposals to attract investors. Therefore, first of all, you must convince local entrepreneurs that they invest precisely in your districts, so that they create jobs and thereby contribute to the development of regions,' said Ilham Aliyev.

The president has also touched upon the issue of agricultural development. According to him, the development of agriculture remains a priority for the government.

'Currently, a wide range of agricultural development programs is being implemented using modern methods. A lot depends on the local executive bodies in the agricultural sector.

Therefore, together with the relevant state bodies, constant work should be carried out to develop agriculture, people should be employed, employment should grow, and all factors that determine the development of agriculture must be ensured, including the fair distribution of water for irrigation. There are big violations in this area, complaints come from the ground. There was a drought last year, and this year is dry, and we must use water very economically. In order to correctly analyse all these works and prepare an action plan, a special commission was created by my order, and the primary results of the commission's research have already been presented. We can say that in some cases the losses are 40-50%. It is unacceptable. Such wastefulness leads to big problems.

Therefore, you also analyse the situation in this area. Of course, the central executive bodies deal with this issue, the commission includes ministers. But on the ground, you pay the most serious attention to these matters, conduct inspections and give information. Because if we reduce even these losses, we can make more progress in agriculture. At the same time, the issue of equitable distribution of irrigation water is very relevant. According to my information, in some cases water is given to entrepreneurs close to the heads of the executive authorities, while other people do not receive water. This is injustice, and this must be put to an end,' the president emphasised.

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