Azerbaijani Politics 21 may — 19:23

Ilham Aliyev: 'We must restore justice'


'It has been several years since the creation of paid public jobs in the country. And from year to year we are increasing the number of people involved in these jobs. We started with 30 thousand, and this year, on my instructions, 90 thousand paid public jobs should be created. Results have already been achieved in this direction,' Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said today, on 21 May, while receiving the newly appointed heads of the Executive Authorities of the Agstafa and Imishli districts, Seymur Orujov and Elchin Rzayev, in a video link format, informs Azerbaijan State News Agency.

The head of state regretted that due to the criminal actions of some heads of executive authorities, this sphere had turned into the most dirty and corrupt sphere.

'The salary cards of the people involved in these works were stolen by the heads of the districts. Hundreds of salary cards were found in the offices of all the arrested heads of the districts and their entourage. This money should reach the poor who cannot find a job. Especially during the pandemic in all countries, jobs are reduced, unemployment is growing in all countries, including in Azerbaijan. It is shameless to take money from a poor person, and this is a crime. Therefore, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare is entrusted with the exercise of general control and monitoring. You will also seriously study this issue in the districts and see how many people were deprived of this opportunity because of criminals who were the heads of the executive authorities. We must restore justice,' said the president.

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