Azerbaijani Politics 26 june — 08:25

Ilham Aliyev: 'Air conditioners installed in soldiers' barracks'


'In recent years, in military construction, especially in the construction of military units, the country has used Azerbaijani standards, and these standards are worthy of the highest ratings. There are a lot of innovations, and all conditions for performing the service have been created,' said President of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev at the opening of a military unit of the Ministry of Defence.

'Air conditioners are installed in the barracks, and this suggests that there is great progress in this area. By my order, all military units, military camps and military bases are being rebuilt. According to the latest data, in 90% of our military units, repair, restoration and reconstruction works have been completed. I believe that in a maximum of one and a half to two years, all remaining military units will be brought into this state. Because the conditions of service of soldiers and officers increase their combat effectiveness and at the same time make it possible to carry out any task. This is an indicator of the concern of the Azerbaijani state shown in relation to its army. Army building is a priority for us. This is natural, since we live in a war, and in this case, all issues related to the army are the main task,' the head of state said.

The supreme commander-in-chief noted that along with improving the conditions of service of personnel, everyday problems of officers are being resolved.

'To date, the program has reached 1,700 officers, and they have been provided with ready to use apartments. I recently ordered the state to provide apartments for another 419 officers by the end of the year. Thus, as of today, this program covers the maximum number of officers. According to the information reported to me, a little over 200 officers are still standing on the apartment line. And their housing problems will be solved. I believe that in world practice this is a very rarely observed picture. And here, Azerbaijan is in the forefront, shows innovation, because the military, who faithfully and impeccably serve the homeland, must be provided by the state at the highest level. In the life of every person, the housing problem is a very important issue, and we solve it. Caring for the army does not end on these issues. Salaries of military personnel are constantly increasing. I can especially say that distinguished servicemen are awarded,' said Ilham Aliyev.

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