Azerbaijani Politics 26 june — 09:05

Ilham Aliyev: 'President escaped... This was cowardice, betrayal and desertion'


'Karabakh conflict is a bitter legacy of the government of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan. It was as a result of their treacherous activities that our lands were occupied. Everyone should know about it. The occupation of Shusha was a great tragedy,' said President of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev at the opening of a military unit of the Ministry of Defence, Azerbaijan State News Agency informs.

The head of state noted that at that time there was a struggle for power in Azerbaijan.

'The Popular Front of Azerbaijan wanted to come to power by any means. They resorted to the most dirty, treacherous actions to overthrow the previous government, surrendered Shusha to the Armenians. The military is well aware that Shusha is an impregnable fortress. It is impossible to capture. They handed it over, sold it to overthrow the government and come to power themselves. Unfortunately, this is what happened. In May 1992, Shusha and Lachin were occupied, and units of the Popular Front illegally came to power. What did they do after that?

They began to destroy our country. The occupied territories remained on the sidelines, and they were engaged in robbery, corruption and theft. They cut the cables and sold them. A mass theft began. As a result, on the one hand, the people could not stand it, and on the other hand, in April 1993, Armenia occupied Kalbajar. The treacherous government of the Popular Front, which came to power by illegal means, surrendered Kelbajar to the Armenians, as a result of which a geographical connection appeared between Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. The supply of weapons and military equipment has already begun. What did they do then? Instead of defending the land, they shed fraternal blood, started a civil war, bombed Ganja. They captured Azerbaijani soldiers. On the one hand, lands were lost, and they were at enmity with each other in order to come to power. It was as a result of this that our lands were occupied.

If Heydar Aliyev had not come to power, it is still unknown where Armenia could get. Therefore, everyone should know history. This occupation is the result of the treacherous and corrupt actions of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan. The people did not tolerate them, and they fled. What can you call it? Only desertion. The president defected and fled to Keleki. He was the supreme commander-in-chief of a country that was at war. He had to protect the people, the state and statehood. Instead, he secretly boarded a plane at night and flew to Nakhchivan, from where he went and sat down in Keleki. What can you call it? I appeal to those who want to justify it. What can you call it? Cowardice, betrayal and desertion. There is no other name for this. And everyone should know that. What did others do?

The then secretary of state today appears as an oppositionist. But the Azerbaijani people know very well what kind of opposition it is. Now all citizens on the Internet can see their upbringing and essence. I said that it's good for them what is bad for Azerbaijan. See what they rejoice at. They rejoice that oil has fallen in price to $14. Who is happy about this? Only Armenia and the anti-people's council, calling itself the opposition. After all, when oil drops to $14, problems will begin in our economy and social sphere. But all this is in their favour. The worse for Azerbaijan, the better for them. They then lived by this principle. Therefore, they surrendered our lands. The secretary of state then defected along with the president. He also went and hid in Keleki. The chairman of parliament also defected. They are deserters and traitors. Everyone should know this and not forget,' said the president.

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