Azerbaijani Politics 31 july — 09:54

Ilham Aliyev: 'Current government in Armenia are agents of Soros'


How can CSTO members support the current leadership of Armenia? It is not a secret for anyone that the current leadership of Armenia consists of people under the influence of the Soros Foundation. It is enough just to look at their biographies. Today, most people working in the Armenian government, parliament, the judiciary and other important positions were employees of the Soros Foundation and organisations close to it. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said this at the opening of the ASAN Xidmət regional centre in Balaken.

'It is obvious that the "revolution" that took place in Armenia was another provocation of Soros and those close to him. Yes, the Armenian people hated the previous government and did not hide it. The previous government in Armenia was worthy of hatred. But the group that replaced it does not differ much from the previous government. It is no coincidence that the Soros Foundation recently allocated $600,000 to Armenia to fight the pandemic. What other country did they provide financial assistance to? Not a single country in the post-Soviet space. Did they help Azerbaijan? No. There is no trace of the Soros Foundation in Azerbaijan. Because they were engaged in provocations here and were poisoning the minds of young people. They wanted to raise youth against their state. Therefore, they were finished. But they spread their wings wide in Armenia and do not hide it. This is an open donation. We know that the current leadership of Armenia receives money from the Soros Foundation, is their agent and fulfils their orders. Therefore, today the Soros Foundation openly donated 600 thousand dollars to the leadership of Armenia,' said Ilham Aliyev.

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