Azerbaijani Politics 17 october — 20:25

Mehriban Aliyeva: Nobody can ever break proud spirit of Ganja residents!


'This night the Armenian aggressors treacherously attacked Ganja. The calculation is both simple and monstrous: to destroy as many civilians as possible, sow panic, and intimidate the Azerbaijani people. But the aggressor will never achieve his dirty goals. The inhabitants of this glorious city are too strong in spirit!' First Vice-President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva wrote about this on her official Instagram page.

'Ganja is Nizami, Mehseti, Vazeh! But this is not only the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan. Ganja is the ancient cradle of our statehood.

This is unshakeable fortitude, courage and bravery! This is Javad Khan. This is a city that fought to the last for the independence of the first democratic republic in the East.

Ganja is the heart of Azerbaijan. And no one will ever be able to break the proud spirit of its inhabitants!' says the publication.

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