Azerbaijani Politics 18 october — 11:37

Hikmet Hajiyev to Al Jazeera: Armenia commits terrorist acts and war crimes (Video)


'It’s a completely immoral denial by Armenian political and military leadership. Since the October 4, Armenian Armed Forces have been attacking Azerbaijan’s largest cities, including Ganja. And it’s not for the first time. They have been deliberately and indiscriminately attacking Azerbaijani civilians. And they have been using Scud missiles. The same Scud missiles that have been used by Saddam Hussein to attack civilians. And Ganja city came under the attack by Scud missiles at night-time, while everybody were sleeping. In particular densely populated residential areas of the city were attacked. The sole purpose of the Armenian side was to cause panic and also to kill as many civilians as possible,' Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, Hikmat Hajiyev said in an interview to Al Jazeera.

Answering a question that just hours earlier, Azerbaijan had shelled Stepanakert, Hikmet Hajiyev said: 'It’s not true. First of all, the name of the city is Khankendi. Armenian side occupied it and renamed it Stepanakert. And Azerbaijan is not targeting civilian population, and my president also reiterated it in his appeals to the nation, that we are not fighting the civilians. That is the difference between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan only uses precision guided munition and missiles against legitimate military targets. However, Armenia behaves completely differently. And the recent attack on Ganja proves that. 13 civilians have been killed, and more 40 were severely injured. A week ago they have also killed 11 Azerbaijani civilians. And wounded more than 30. This is a deliberate act of vandalism. This is an act of terror. And also a war crime. And the full responsibility lies with the military-political leadership of Armenia.'

Ilham Aliyev's assistant has also cleared the matter of international attempts to end this conflict: 'There was a humanitarian truce. But where is it? Armenia destroyed it. Immediately after the start of the humanitarian truce last week, they have attacked Ganja with Scud missiles. And again they have continued to attack Azerbaijani civilians. And where is the humanitarian truce? We don’t have any confidence in Armenia that they won’t attack again and kill our civilians. Also, Ganja is far away from the theatre of military operations. There was no military necessity to attack Ganja city. In such circumstances, silence of the international community and lack of condemnation of Armenia’s illegal actions and war crimes raise Armenia’s sense of impunity. Therefore, we expect from the world community to seriously condemn these actions and urge Armenia to stop such provocations and end its occupation of Azerbaijani lands. These facts on the ground prove once again that Armenia is a single source of threat to peace and security of the region, and to the lives of civilians.'

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