Azerbaijani Politics 8 november — 14:03

Ilham Aliyev: Some power centres urged us to give up


'I am proud to announce that the city of Shusha has been liberated from occupation! Shusha is ours! Karabakh is ours! I cordially congratulate the entire Azerbaijani people on this occasion. I cordially congratulate all Shusha residents,' said President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev in his address to the Azerbaijani People, Azeri Daily reports.

'Shusha, which has been under occupation for 28.5 years, has been liberated! Shusha is free now! We have returned to Shusha! We have won this historic victory on the battlefield! November 8, 2020 will forever remain in the history of Azerbaijan! This story will live forever. This is the day of our glorious Victory! We won this victory on the battlefield, not at the negotiating table. I have repeatedly said, I have said many times that, despite all the statements, this conflict, the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, has military solutions - and today we are proving this on the battlefield. Senseless negotiations for almost 30 years did not bring us closer to any result. Our ancestral lands have been under occupation for almost 30 years. In the process of negotiations, the Armenian side simply wanted to gain time, simply to strengthen the status quo, to perpetuate it.

Over the years, signals sent to Azerbaijan from various power centres have repeatedly urged us to come to terms with the situation. However, having shown determination, courage and political will, we did not come to an agreement that would not meet the interests of the Azerbaijani people. I have repeatedly stated at all the international platforms that the restoration of our lands and territorial integrity is our main task, and we are fulfilling it. The negotiations did not yield any results. We were simply deceived, it was just observed that they wanted to freeze the issue. We won the Victory on the battlefield, losing the martyrs who fell on the battlefield, we won this Victory! May Allah have mercy on all martyrs! I ask God's mercy for all our martyrs who died both in the first Karabakh war and the second Karabakh war, and for the patience of their loved ones. I wish God's healing to our wounded compatriots. We liberate our lands from the occupiers at the cost of the lives and blood of our people, soldiers and officers. We drive the invaders from our lands!' said the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

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