Azerbaijani Politics 19 february — 16:50

Azerbaijan's PM: Enemy barbarously exploited Karabakh


'The enemy committed ecological terror in the Azerbaijani lands during the 30-year occupation,' Azerbaijani Prime Minister Ali Asadov said during a speech at the Meteorological Forum of the Turkic World in Ankara, Anadolu Agency reports.

'Unfortunately, Karabakh with its ancient history, unique material, spiritual and cultural heritage, plants and animals, rich in minerals was savagely exploited. In the region, forests were deliberately destroyed, fertile soils and water resources were subjected to environmental and radioactive contamination. When the enemy left our lands, he burned trees, destroyed forests,' said the prime minister of Azerbaijan.

A. Asadov stressed that large-scale measures will be taken to restore the ecology of the territories liberated from the occupation. He added that these lands will become a green energy zone.

The premier noted that the internally displaced persons will return to their homes within the framework of the Great Return program.

A. Asadov also said that Azerbaijan had felt Turkey's support from the very beginning of the Patriotic War, which lasted 44 days.

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