Azerbaijani Politics 22 september — 09:47

Nuland did not treat Jeyhun Bayramov to cookies


On September 21, on the side-lines of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov met with US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. This was reported by the press-service of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.

V. Nuland is a well-known person in the post-Soviet space after the colour revolution in Ukraine. The petrel of the post-Soviet orange revolutions V. Nuland gained scandalous popularity after she joined the protesters on the Maidan and treated them to revolutionary cookies.

But at the meeting with the Azerbaijani minister, judging by the message of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, Nuland came with a feeling of deep gratitude for the Azerbaijani peacekeepers who had served in Afghanistan.

And Jeyhun Bayramov informed Nuland about the situation in Karabakh after the surrender of Armenia and the signing of the Moscow trilateral agreement, about the need to unblock communications and communication lines as soon as possible. But according to J. Bayramov, this is hindered by the destructive attitude of the Armenian leadership.

And, of course, the parties discussed energy. How without energy in the relationship between the United States and Azerbaijan? Or should Nuland have treated the Azerbaijani minister to cookies instead?!

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