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Baku Italians rise in Ilham Aliyev's defence (Our forum)


We are all Azerbaijanis!!! This is the call expressed in an open letter of the Italian community in Baku. In the letter the Italians living in Azerbaijan express their indignation at the smear campaign against Azerbaijan in the Western mass-media.

We would like to present to your attention the full text of the letter sent by the authors to Azeri Daily:

In Azerbaijan there is a large Italian community, and as in any other foreign country, all members of this community know each other. They meet and they exchange opinions about the events that happen in Italy and in Europe. Or sometimes, instead, they exchange opinions on what is happening in the hosting country.

When we are abroad, we have a bigger interest in what happens ‘inside and outside’ the world, in which we live. We are all more receptive. The search for information and news becomes a constant activity. Maybe because we need to keep a common thread between the place where we live and our origin country.

We, Italians, when we are abroad, we love our country so much more than when we are in Italy. We love our country because we miss the good things of Italy, those that have made Italians great and important worldwide. How cannot we miss our good food, our art, our beautiful islands and the small medieval villages scattered here and there in the country? We are very proud to see our brands in the best shops of the city centre, to meet foreign people who wear the jerseys of our football teams. It is so rewarding to speak Italian and listen the person sitting at the next table saying that our language has the sound of a poem.

In a few words, we are proud to be Italian, when we live outside of Italy.

Every Italian abroad, however, has a different reason that prompted him to leave Italy: someone has moved for love, someone for the will of his company, someone to look for work, someone for doing business or simply for the desire to run away. But the reason why we arrived from the other side of the world is not really important. What is surprising is the solidarity between fellow citizens, the need to protect each other, the need to feel all of us belonging to a single flag.

In Baku, in recent weeks, a strange thing has happened. For the first time the Italians, or at least most of them, have exchanged their point of view on the media attack suffered by Azerbaijan before, during and after the organisation of the European Games. And the majority of them agreed that this attack was totally inappropriate, perhaps manipulated, or at least the result of a great ignorance that hovers in Europe about Azerbaijan and the whole region.

The very unusual thing is that we all felt closer to a population and a nation that is not Italy, but in which all of us feel at home and that we respect for the efforts made since the collapse of the Soviet Union to date in all sectors, from education to construction, from the promotion of culture and sport to the international political and social development.

At the end, we understood that we all feel like Azerbaijanis!

The Italians in Baku, through this letter, wish to express their dissent and their disdain for all those articles that criticise a country without even considering the history, the geopolitical context and culture that characterise it. The phenomenon of misinformation not only harms a nation, but its citizens, the social progress, the friendship between people and countries. 

Italians in Baku

Elio Bevilacqua, Paola Casagrande, Stefano Muscaritolo, Giulio Alvino, Alessandro Giamberti, Gianluca Fatone, Mario Palmonella, Joanna D’Onghia, Ido Giuseppe Biffi, Mauro Fregni, Giuseppe Massacusa,  Ermanno Scerrati, Lucio Zeppa, Cristian Lombardi, Alberto Caggiani, Claudio Zagato, Carlo Cervellieri, Roberto Casadei Rossi, Fabrizio Ranieri, Marco Catelani, Andrea Uliva, Enrico Venuturelli, Massimo Giorgietti, Massimo Bernardino, Maurizio Schirru, Mario Sias, Maurizio Spiga, Andrea Carboni, Maurizio Mullano, Andrea Ruffoni, Mario Raffo

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