Caucasus Reality 21 april — 12:34

Armenian historian: 'Yerevan will be forced to return territories around Karabakh'


With the coincidence of Turkish and Russian interests, Armenia will be forced to return the territories around Karabakh. Historian Gevorg Yazichyan stated this at a meeting with journalists on April 21, Novosti-Armenia reports.

According to him, these interests can coincide in the issue of Azerbaijan's joining the EAEU and even the CSTO, in the matter of oil.

'If the Turkish Stream is implemented, Russia will have more expectations from Turkey. And we have nothing to give Russia. They do not take into account us anymore, we are not a factor for them,' said Yazichyan.

'First of all, in the Karabakh issue, we will be forced to cede territory. In return, Russia will probably get something from Azerbaijan, for example, joining the Eurasian Economic Union,' the Armenian historian added.

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