Caucasus Reality 23 may — 13:44

Georgia arrested Azerbaijani opposition's secret financier



The owner of the Lanset clinic Farman Jeyranov has been arrested in Tbilisi, report Georgian media. According to the Public Television of Georgia, the criminal case, on the basis of which Farman Jeyranov has been detained, involves two people. It is reported that the head doctor of the clinic is suspected of carrying out illegal operations for the transplantation of human organs.

The information about the detention of Farman Jeyranov has been also confirmed in the clinic Lanset.

Earlier, the journalistic investigation 'Anti-Azerbaijani underground in Tbilisi: Safe houses, money, instructions' published in Azeri Daily said that Farman Jeyranov was one of the main sponsors of the Azerbaijani opposition.

The article noted that Farman Jeyranov served as a conspiratorial representative of the National Council in Georgia, patronising the representation of Meydan TV. The oppositionists arriving in Tbilisi enjoy the hospitality of Jeyranov's clinic.

Earlier, the Court of Appeal of Tbilisi quashed the decision of the city court to grant the Azerbaijani oppositionist, Dashgin Agalarov a residence permit. Dashgin Agalarov is also an active member of the anti-Azerbaijani underground.

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