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Serzh Sargsyan: 'If someone says that Armenia will be richer than Azerbaijan, turn this charlatan away'



Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan made some interesting statements in an interview to the 'R-Evolution' program of 'Armenia' TV company, which aired on July 16.

According to him, in the Karabakh conflict zone in 2016, 'Armenia did not have a number of weapons that Azerbaijan had managed to acquire.'

'Is it a secret that Azerbaijan is richer than us, spending more money on armament, etc?' Sargsyan says. 'It's not a secret. And if someone says that in two or five years will make Armenia richer than Azerbaijan, then this person should be turned away from politics, because this is charlatanry, a lie.'

The head of the Armenian state commented on the fact of the delivery of Russian weapons to Azerbaijan. He believes that it is too early to blame Russia.

'This problem of the Armenian-Russian friendship, the Armenian-Russian military cooperation, in general, is the most painful aspect of our relations. This question casts a shadow on many things. But on the other hand, there are circumstances, and perhaps these circumstances are unacceptable for us, but they are acceptable for them. So far nothing serious has happened. If there are ever serious consequences, then it will be possible to blame, and if there are no serious consequences, we should consider this a long-term political activity of Russia to stabilise the situation in the region.'

At the same time, Sargsyan noted that he had never heard a public response from official Moscow and believed that Russia should respond to Armenia.

'If a Russian politician or analyst, or some official says something, this does not mean that this is the answer of the Russian side. The Russian side can answer with the lips of the president, the foreign minister, there must be an official response.'

As for some voices about the need to review military cooperation with Russia, Sargsyan said that no one was waiting for Armenia with open arms, and the country cannot go against the whole world.

'Words and actions about the revision of relations with Russia are extremely dangerous, they can create an extremely bad situation. When you say revise, with whom do you want to review and improve relations, with Turkey or with NATO? Does everybody with open arms wait for Armenia to come to them? Or are we at enmity with everyone, we say to all that you are helping Azerbaijan, and we are alone against the whole world?' asks the Armenian president.

Sargsyan believes that the fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh is extremely undesirable, first of all, for Armenia.

'There is no alternative to the negotiation process. An alternative is fighting, which is undesirable. Undesirable for us, and, perhaps, in the first place, for us.'

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