Caucasus Reality 17 july — 13:21

Armenian soldiers opened fire on each other (There are wounded)



In one of the units of the Armenian army deployed in the occupied Karabakh, there was a shootout between servicemen, as a result of which an officer and a conscript soldier were wounded, Azeri Daily reports with reference to the Armenian segment of social networks.

The cause of the incident was the refusal of the soldier to perform engineering work to strengthen the positions of the military guard at one of the defensive posts.

According to the initial information, commander of a company of the mountain-infantry regiment stationed in the village of Madaghiz, senior lieutenant Vakhe Grigoryan, who was in a state of intoxication, under the threat of using weapons, forced the soldier to dig his own grave.

Unable to withstand bullying, the soldier snatched the gun and fired at the officer. As a result of shooting V.Grigoryan was seriously wounded in the neck. After the deed, the soldier shot himself trying to commit suicide.

Arriving at the scene of the incident, colleagues immediately provided first aid to the wounded. Both servicemen were taken to Mardakert (Agdere) hospital.

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