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Abrahamyan fled from Armenia with his Azerbaijani wife



Norayr Abrahamyan was forced to leave Armenia. At home, he was persecuted for marrying an Azerbaijani woman, Azeri Daily reports with reference to La Montagne.

From Armenia, Abrahamyan and his family moved to Russia, where they spent three years. Then the Abrahamyans moved to France and received political asylum there. Now they want to start a new life in the town of Aurillac.

'36-year-old Norayr Abrahamyan with an emaciated face and a cunning cat look tells about the difficulties he faced in the last 15 years,' the French edition writes. 'With a determined look and a slight smile, the former driver and car mechanic quietly restores his journey in memory.

Marrying an Azerbaijani and Muslim woman in a Christian country, he and his family became victims of persecution.

'People insulted me and threatened me,' Abrahamyan said. 'They said, 'Divirce her and we'll leave you alone.' One day they attacked me, and I got a knife in the back.'

Norayr lay unconscious for several days. After he recovered, it was decided to leave Armenia with his wife and daughter. At first they decided to go to Russia. More than two years the family lived in Moscow, earning on illegal jobs. But then Norayr was detained by the police, and the family was deported.

'In Russia, migrants are not allowed to stay in the country for more than three months,' Abrahamyan said. 'I lived there for three years, because I paid the police.'

In 2008, when the authorities ordered him to leave the country within 48 hours, he found a way to get to Europe by truck with a smuggler. The family was brought to Lille, a city in the north of France. Then they went to Clermont-Ferrand. This was the beginning of a long wait in hotels and in centres for asylum seekers.

'Three years later we moved to Aurillac,' Norayr continues. 'For two years we lived in a refugee centre, and when we had a son, we moved to an apartment.'

Now he is studying to become a night supervisor. In September, Abrahamyan will receive a work permit. His Azerbaijani wife, who does not have any official document, has no right to work.

Norayr has already fully adapted in France, although the desire to return to Armenia is sometimes very strong.'

'I want to stay here, because it's peaceful, no one pays attention to our religion. I would also like to go to Armenia, but without my family. With the family this is impossible,' La Montagne quotes Norayr Abrahamyan as saying.

As you can see, the material does not mention the name of the Azerbaijani woman who married an Armenian. The article does not have her photos too. Therefore, there are doubts about the veracity of the story, which Abrahamyan tells. He could well give out his Armenian wife for an Azerbaijani and talk about persecution in Armenia with a view to stay in France.

It's no secret that the Armenian-Azerbaijani issue is often used by migrants from both countries to gain asylum in Europe.

Vagif Farajulayev

Azeri Daily already told about a deserter from Azerbaijan Vagif Farajulayev who tried to get a residence permit in Holland. In his own words, he left the country not to serve in the army. Vagif admitted that he refused to serve in the military ranks of Azerbaijan, because his mother was an Armenian and he does not want to fight against Armenia. However, the Dutch government for a long time believed that Farajulayev invented this story in order to stay in the country. The authorities doubted the truthfulness of the stories about an Armenian mother.

But in the end, Vagif, like Norayr, managed to achieve his own after many years of waiting. So, the method works.

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