Caucasus Reality 3 december — 12:30

Armenian Sarkisova returned to Ganja after 30 years (Video)


Ethnic Armenian, Rimma Sarkisova, who had left Azerbaijan due to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict unleashed by the Armenian nationalists, had an opportunity to once again visit her native city of Ganja and meet with former neighbours, the CBC television channel reported.

Rimma Sarksisova left in September 1989. She still has the warmest feelings towards Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani people. She says she never encountered any harassment here.

In Armenia, Rimma Sarkisova, like many of her compatriots who arrived in those years from Azerbaijan, was not accepted. According to her, Armenians from Azerbaijan were openly hated in Armenia. She had to go to Ukraine, where she still lives.

The first thing Rimma Sarkisova did was visiting her house in the hope of seeing someone from the former neighbours. Over a cup of tea, as in the good old days, she asked Asif Ismayilov about the former tenants of the house: who, where, how and why. Speaking of the past, both Ganja residents shared only warm memories.

Speaking directly about the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Rimma Sarkisova stressed that the Armenian separatists were to blame for the incident: 'If not for them, then everything would remain as before, good as before!'

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