Caucasus Reality 12 january — 09:23

Plane with Armenians makes emergency landing in Baku


A Chinese Airlines plane carrying five Armenian passengers touched down at the Baku international airport on Monday, diverting its route from Tbilisi, Georgia, which was the intended destination, reports citing one of the passengers.

Foggy weather is reported to have caused the crew to head to the Azerbaijani capital.

Three of the Armenians were citizens of the Republic of Armenia, says Ida Mnatsakanyan, a passenger. 'An employee of the Baku Airport came up to us to say that he was aware we were Armenians and asked us to leave the passports inside and go to a neutral zone. And that was what we actually did. We left my husband and child’s passports at the airport, but I took mine, as my child and I are US citizens whereas my husband holds Armenian citizenship. We spent 12 hours at the Baku airport,' she told

Mnatsakanyan said that no Chinese Airlines representative approached them while they were in the neutral zone, adding that an airport employee immediately contacted the Armenian Foreign Ministry’s press secretary, Tigran Balayan, who later talked to the Washington authorities to let them know of the US citizens’ presence.

The plane headed to Tbilisi 12 hours after the landing.

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