Caucasus Reality 10 february — 09:50

Armenian snipers shoot at journalist



We have already been reporting about the persecution of the Armenian website and its editor, Marianna Grigoryan, because of a cartoon depicting Armenian Defence Minister Vigen Sargsyan. Particularly sophisticated in threats was a certain Hayk Berman Ohanyan, who openly intimidated the journalist in Facebook with threats of physical violence against her and her child.

Now it turned out that this Ohanyan is a sniper officer of the Armenian army. The journalists of the Haykakan Zhamanak edition attempted to interview him, asking what had caused his fierce hatred, but the brave soldier, apparently bold only in threatening defenseless women, refused to speak and offered to talk to the police about everything.

The thing is that the police started the case on the fact of threats, but only because the US government addressed a note to the Armenian authorities, which literally says: 'Attacks on media, such as the recent case of, are signs of hostility and hatred towards the vital factor of democracy: freedom of the media.'

However, apparently, the investigation is purely formal, and Ohanyan will come off clear. The Armenian police in such stories always indulge the criminals, and the evil-doer is perfectly aware of his impunity.

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