Caucasus Reality 12 march — 15:30

Nelly Petrosyan will vote for Azerbaijani President (Photo)


Less than a month later, presidential election will be held in Azerbaijan. The Central Election Commission is preparing for this event to one's utmost, forming voters' lists.

The right to vote in Azerbaijan, according to the Constitution of the country, has all citizens of full age, regardless of their ethnicity and religion. Azerbaijan is a multinational country that promotes the idea of multiculturalism in the world.

Only by the most conservative estimates, today more than 30 thousand ethnic Armenians live in Baku. Armenian media often argue that the Armenians remaining in Baku are discriminated against, because of which they allegedly have to hide their origin. But the reality is that today Armenians in Azerbaijan feel like full-fledged citizens of the country and actively use all their constitutional rights.

Thus, in social networks, there appeared photos of voters' lists, who on April 11 will vote in the presidential election at the polling station, organised in the building of school #167 in Yasamal district.

At number 185, Nelly Petrosyan (born 1956) is on the voters list. However, this fact can cause surprise only among Armenians, who became victims of anti-Azerbaijani propaganda and lies about discrimination of Armenians in Azerbaijan.

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