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Mass protests in Yerevan (Video, Updated)


Armenian police began sweeping the roadway of the central streets of Yerevan from the demonstrators, Interfax reports.

One of the roads has already been cleared of demonstrators and blocked by police officers.

The protests with the blocking of roads occur through the whole centre of Yerevan. From time to time there are skirmishes between drivers and demonstrators.

* * *

If the meeting of the National Assembly of Armenia is an exit meeting, we will take Yerevan under our control. This was stated in a conversation with journalists on April 16 by Nikol Pashinyan, head of the 'Yelk' parliamentary faction, leader of the 'My step' initiative.

'Yerevan, indeed, will become the capital of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia, we will cover everything,' Pashinyan said. According to him, their main goal is to disrupt tomorrow's meeting and ensure the presence of citizens on the streets.

* * *

A civil disobedience action started in Yerevan this morning. Participants protesting against the appointment of former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan as prime minister blocked several central streets of the city, RIA Novosti reports.

Police officers demand to release the roadway of the streets, but they do not take any active measures.

The day before the leader of the protest movement, head of the 'Yelk' parliamentary faction Nikol Pashinyan said that his supporters intend to block bridges, streets and metro stations.

People hurrying to work complain about the situation. Pashinyan apologised for the inconvenience, but recalled that a political action is being carried out: 'We apologise to those citizens who were inconvenienced. But we are trying, with this small inconvenience, to avoid a greater inconvenience, the name of which is Serzh Sargsyan and the RPA.'

According to him, other streets will soon be blocked.

In turn, the police cordoned off the venue of the action in order to prevent the movement of the participants of the rally to Bagramyan Avenue.

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