Caucasus Reality 14 june — 14:26

Alexander Khramchikhin: 'War in Karabakh is inevitable, and Azerbaijan is preparing for it' (Video)


The balance in the South Caucasus region is violated by any serious acquisition of new types of weapons. This was stated by the Deputy Director of the Russian Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Khramchikhin to Novosti Armenii, while commenting on the information about the purchase by Azerbaijan of the Polonaise systems from Belarus.

'Azerbaijan is preparing for war. This is the way they are preparing. Azerbaijan is increasing its military capabilities. How specifically will this system be used depends on the tactical and strategic situation. Everything depends on how the war will go on,' added Khramchikhin.

Khramchikhin added that in comparison with the Iskander complexes, which are in service with the Armenian army, the MLRS Polonaise has a larger ammunition volume, which allows it to deliver a significantly larger number of missiles to the target. This, according to the expert, indicates its greater productivity. At the same time, the Iskander complexes have a higher accuracy of hitting the target.

Alexander Khramchikhin considers the resumption of hostilities in the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh inevitable, regardless of the timing. The reason is that the positions of the conflicting sides are still incompatible, and it is extremely difficult to understand how this issue can be resolved without the use of military force.

'But if we proceed from the inevitability of the war, the sooner it starts, the better for Armenia, as Baku is increasing its forces more rapidly than Yerevan,' concluded Alexander Khramchikhin.

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