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Macron too called Pashinyan on the carpet



This week, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is going on a visit to France. The trip was announced by the Co-Chair of the Coordinating Council of Armenian Organisations of France (CCAF) Murad Papazyan.

On September 14, Nikol Pashinyan will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Amenian media and bloggers are puzzled: why is Nikol Pashinyan going to Paris? Pashinyan recently met Macron in Brussels, and during this time, even the agenda has not been formed, notes the Armenian blogger under the name of Yerevanets.

According to the newspaper '168 Zham,' Nikol Pashinyan's invitation to Paris was really unexpected.

But the information leaked that this urgent and unexpected visit was due to the criminal case brought against the French company 'Veolia Djur' the other day.

'The French authorities are trying to understand what purpose our new authorities are pursuing, taking such steps with respect to this large French company, and even before Macron's visit to Armenia.

Let me remind you that according to the anti-corruption department of the police, Veolia Djur, with the purpose of bribing the chairman of the Public Services Regulatory Commission, Robert Nazaryan and seven other officials, bought tickets for them in the direction Yerevan-Paris-Yerevan, after which the water tariff rose by 11 drams - from 180 to 191,' writes Yerevanets.

As the blogger rightly thinks, if Pashinyan really goes to Paris with this, then it's sad.

Such questions are not usually settled at the highest level. In extreme cases - by phone. 'Either Nikol [Pashinyan] has not yet understood his powers, or all this is pure lies. Lies, meaning not the criminal case, but the fact that Pashinyan was invited because of this matter...'

Given the reckless and ill-conceived steps that Nikol Pashinyan's team has been undertaking for several months, the version of the 'call on the carpet' of the Armenian prime minister is most likely the right one.

In addition, there is an agreement between Veolia Djur and the Armenian government. And the fact that it was concluded under the previous government does not mean at all that it can be violated.

Several days ago, the general director of Veolia Djur Christian Lefe stated that the Armenian authorities want to keep water tariffs, and put all responsibility on the operator. And even earlier, the head of the State Water Management Committee Inessa Gabayan said that the tariff should not be raised, and the concession agreement should be reviewed.

Apparently, France was outraged by the fact that the French business in Armenia is being clamped.

A few days ago the directorate of Veolia Djur, as Sputnik reported, met with the leadership of the Water Management Committee and stated that the tariff should rise according to the concession agreement approved as early as 2016.

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