Caucasus Reality 13 september — 11:13

Armenia declared war on Azerbaijan


On September 12, within the framework of the command-staff exercise 'Shant-2018,' the National Assembly of Armenia has decided to declare war. This is reported by the Armenian edition of Panarmenian and state agency Armenpress with reference to the press-service of the Armenian parliament.

'Based on the proposal of the Armenian government made on September 12 'On endorsement of the proposal to declare war,' guided by the first paragraph of Article 118 of the Armenian Constitution and the fifth paragraph of Article 105 of the Constitutional Law 'The Charter of the National Assembly of Armenia,' the National Assembly of Armenia decides to declare war on the Republic of Azerbaijan,' says the decision of the National Assembly of Armenia.

On September 11, on the whole territory of Armenia, the command-staff exercise 'Shant-2018' started, which will last until September 14. The republic is reduced to a conditional martial law. State exercise is planned in nature and aimed at preparing the state for defence, mobilising training of state and military authorities during the repulse of an aggression, checking the possibility of bringing to a high degree of readiness.

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