Caucasus Reality 6 november — 02:57

Pashinyan is going to aggravate situation in Karabakh (Will war start in spring?)



Only a few days passed after the recent visit of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs to Armenia and Azerbaijan, as again (and expectedly) the inconsistency of the international mediators became clear. And once again the head of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan trips the Minsk Group up.

The acting prime minister of Armenia soon after the departure of the co-chairs, who made, as usual, optimistic statements (which no one believed by tradition), went to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

Moreover, Nikol Pashinyan spent several days in occupied Karabakh. And there he called to be ready for any development of events.

What kind of development can this be, given the logic of the acting PM of Armenia, it is not difficult to guess. Nikol Pashinyan earns points in the country right now, taking up an increasingly intransigent policy on Karabakh. And he does not think at all about the future.

However, the negotiation process is standing still. And Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov cited the reason for this: '...We... understand that until internal political processes in Armenia are completed (the turbulent ones that we are seeing now), it is hardly possible to seriously consider specific ways out of this crisis and ensuring full-fledged Karabakh settlement.'

There is another important question, the answer to which interests everyone in Yerevan: 'When is Armenia waiting for escalation in Karabakh?' Political analyst, director of the Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan, as reported by Armenian media, predicted that the aggravation will occur in spring 2019. True, he made a reservation that the probability of this is not very high.

He also confirmed that 'today nobody is trying to solve the Karabakh conflict.' Iskandaryan is cunning about 'no one tries.' Only one side deliberately and successfully torpedoes the negotiation process - the Armenian government.

Meanwhile, Nikol Pashinyan continues to aggravate the situation by posting selfies from the contact line of Armenian-Azerbaijani troops in the occupied territory of Azerbaijan on social networks and signing the photos 'Our name is Armenian army.'

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