Caucasus Reality 6 november — 12:09

Sergey Mikheyev: 'Americans want to create military base in Karabakh' (Video)


During the visit to Yerevan of US National Security Adviser John Bolton, the US authorities proposed their own formula for the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the essence of which would be to create an American base in the occupied Azerbaijani territories to put pressure on Iran. This was announced in the program 'Evening with Vladimir Solovyov' on Russia 1 channel by the Director General of the Institute of Caspian Cooperation, Sergey Mikheyev.

First of all, he drew attention to the following: 'There is a question in the American strategy around Iran, which we are not discussing yet, but it’s quite dangerous for us - it’s Armenia. Americans are afraid to fight with Iran, no doubt, but, in principle, they are preparing pressure from this point on it.'

'What is happening now? In Armenia, there was a change of government. Talking about the fact that they have nothing to do with the Americans is political correctness, which is not in my style. They are directly connected with the Americans, there is a huge number of American creations there,' Sergey Mikheyev said, explaining why Washington needed to change the power in Yerevan to an even more controllable one.

'The Americans promise the current Armenian authorities to resolve the Karabakh issue, tell them: surrender areas, and we will deploy a contingent of American troops there - and we will get a pressure base from the north on Iran. This is one of the options that the Americans are trying to implement in Transcaucasia,' explained his thought the political scientist.

'Bolton, who travelled to Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, was engaged in, among other things, this issue. I think it will not work, but the fact that this option is offered to Armenians is true,' concluded Sergey Mikheyev.

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