Caucasus Reality 6 december — 09:22

Attention: Pashinyan speaks with Armenian special services chief (Secret talks published)


A record of Nikol Pashinyan's telephone conversation with the Director of the National Security Service of Armenia, Artur Vanetsyan appeared on the web. They discuss the arrest of the former CSTO Secretary General, Yuri Khachaturov and the possible consequences. Vanetsyan, in particular, says that the possible arrest of Khachaturov could 'complicate relations with the Russians,' Sputnik Armenia reports.

'Let's finish the case with Kocharyan, then we'll see what to do with Khachaturov,' says Vanetcyan, to which Pashinyan agrees.

The premier says that they need to discuss with the Russian side in advance, so that there are no problems later.

Pashinyan says that he is now 'right here, and will talk about it.' Apparently, they were talking at that moment when Pashinyan was in St Petersburg at the end of July, since it was then that a criminal case was initiated against Khachaturov.

Vanetsyan calls Pashinyan several times that very day. During one call, the PM whispers that he is in a meeting. Then Vanetsyan informs him that the Russians are very worried about Khachaturov’s arrest.

'Representatives of both intelligence (then Vanetsyan explains that he are talking about representatives of the Foreign Intelligence Service - Ed) and the FSB came to me. They say that we should not do this. They say that at least remove him the post of CSTO head, and then arrest. Otherwise it will damage the authority of the CSTO,' says the director of the National Security Service.

Pashinyan asks: 'And if he leaves the country and does not return?'

Vanetsyan replies that they will not let him go anywhere.

In the second part, is Vanetsyan’s talk with the Director of the Special Investigation Service, Sasun Khachatryan. He is also discussing the arrest of Khachaturov and ex-president Robert Kocharyan. Vanetsyan also expresses his concern about the arrest of Khachaturov. He says that he was discussing the situation with the director of the FSB, and 'the situation is very complicated.'

Pashinyan himself wrote about this leak in his Facebook.

'People, you know, the conspirators released the second part of the recording. At one time I spoke about this from the tribune of the National Assembly. A little later I’ll go on the air. With the spirit,' he wrote.

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