Caucasus Reality 10 december — 18:47

Andranik Migranyan: 'Pashinyan is like your Elchibey' (Azeri Daily's guest)



Today’s interlocutor of Azeri Daily is a well-known Russian political scientist, MGIMO Professor Andranik Migranyan.

Migranyan is the author of several hundred articles on the problems of history, political science and state-building. For more than 20 years he has been an expert, analyst and commentator on political programs of Russian television.

Migranyan shared with Azeri Daily his vision of the prospects of the current Armenian government, and in particular, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan himself.

- As is known, you are a tough opponent of the current Armenian prime minister. Is this really true?

- I did not oppose Pashinyan’s coming to power, but I always opposed ochlocracy and coming to power through the street. Therefore, when I was asked about my attitude towards Pashinyan, I replied that I opposed to street methods of political struggle. This is no longer democracy, but ochlocracy.

- So you think that his power will not lead to anything good?

- In the South Caucasus, there were already rulers like Pashinyan. Like your Elchibey, for example. Pashinyan does not discover America, he is an ordinary populist demagogue. But such a policy will not last long: their demagogy will need to be proven to the people soon with deeds, by raising the level of the economy, social life, attracting investment and so on. And this he, as we see, is not very successful at. You cannot feed the people on populism alone, and we are now seeing how the Armenian people are moving away from euphoria and demanding real deeds from these revolutionaries.

- What can these elections give to Pashinyan?

- He had to urgently legitimise his power, which is why he orginsied the hasty holding of elections. People who were with him in the squares expect a miracle from him, but he is not able to offer them anything. Over time, any society and any government that went through the revolutionary upheavals will be disappointed in it. I think he will be removed from power by those who led him to it. Be so kind to keep the promises you made.

- In your opinion, how does Pashinyan imagine the solution of the Karabakh problem?

- The Karabakh problem is so national that Pashinyan has nothing to do with it. He cannot make a decision for Karabakh people, and they firmly stand their ground. I knew all the presidents of Armenia and repeatedly spoke with them on this issue.

- That is, war is possible?

- Unfortunately, war is always possible. In 2016, there was an attempt at a large-scale war for Karabakh. If it were not for Russia, I think, the bloodshed would not have stopped.

- As far as we know, Pashinyan does not like you, does not take your statements seriously?

- It is I who does not like him. After I said that street democracy led him to power, what can we talk with him about? If he said that Migranyan was right, then perhaps I would meet with him, but as it is, I do not want to meet with him.

- Do you think he is a temporary ruler?

- I do not see in his actions even a hint of democracy. Over time, in order to maintain his power, he will be forced to establish a tough dictatorship. All populists come to power in a democratic way, and as a result establish authoritarian regimes. Let's take the same Erdogan, Orban: after all, they came to power in an absolutely democratic way, and now they have established tough personal power. There are many such examples in history. Even in the US, many fear that Trump may establish an authoritarian regime. Today, populism in the world is becoming a big problem. The middle class is destroyed, there is a sharp polarisation of society, which leads to populists rushing to power.

- And yet, Pashinyan is a pro-Western politician?

- Yes, he had many connections with western instructors, but he is geopolitically limited. Armenia, on the one hand, borders on Turkey, on the other, on Azerbaijan. Therefore, even if he wants, he will not be able to change its geopolitical orientation. This will finally destroy the base on which he relies. He is not Saakashvili. Besides, the people will not support his aspirations in changing the geopolitical course.

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