Caucasus Reality 9 january — 12:54

TV channel of Armenian separatists began broadcasting on American satellite



The broadcast of 'Artsakh TV' channel has begun on the Intelsat 33e satellite broadcasting from the position of 60 degrees east longitude, Azeri Daily reports.

The Armenian separatist channel appeared on satellite on January 6 and broadcasts in HD (high definition).

The satellite operator Intelsat launched the satellite Intelsat 33e in January 2017. Satellite coverage area: Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean regions. If we talk specifically about the Nagorno-Karabakh TV channel, then people who set up their satellite dish on Intelsat 33e in Turkey, Georgia, Iran, the central part of Russia, Ukraine, in several European and Middle Eastern countries will be able to watch it.

However, taking into account modern technologies, it will now be possible to watch this channel anywhere in the world with the help of numerous IPTV providers, when there is no need to install a satellite dish at home, and you just have access to the Internet. These are the dividends that the appearance of their television channel on Intelsat 33e will bring to the separatists, and Azerbaijan should make every effort to stop the mouthpiece of the occupiers from broadcasting from the satellite.

The international telecommunications giant Intelsat manages 50 satellites. Headquarters are located in the United States and Luxembourg. Satellite Intelsat 33e was built by the American concern Boeing. It was launched from the Kourou space centre in French Guiana in August 2016. At the moment, the channels of Armenia, African countries and several Russian TV channels are broadcast from this satellite.

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