Caucasus Reality 12 april — 16:04

Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry: 'Pashinyan says A, but doesn't say B'


'Creating an atmosphere of peace,' which is so often stated by the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan in the context of Karabakh settlement, is impossible without withdrawing the occupying forces of Armenia from the territories of Azerbaijan and returning to them the forcibly expelled Azerbaijani internally displaced persons, the press-service of the Foreign Ministry informs.

The Foreign Ministry stresses that the leadership of Armenia should clearly understand this: 'You can't say A without saying B. These points are inextricably causal. And the root cause of all evils is the policy pursued by Armenia against Azerbaijan, the policy of aggression and occupation, and the consequences are everything else, including the absence of an atmosphere of peace and mutual trust. This is an axiom,' says the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan.

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