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Armenian Foreign Ministry refuted Mnatsakanyan's statement about meeting in Washington (Updated)


The Armenian Foreign Ministry edited the message about a possible meeting in Washington on the settlement of the Karabakh conflict. It is a meeting not at the level of the leaders of the two countries, but in the format of foreign ministers, Sputnik Armenia reports.

A misunderstanding was caused by the fact that to the question of an Armenian journalist: 'Is a meeting of the leaders of the two countries envisaged in the near future,' Minister Mnatsakanyan in Brussels talks about the possibility of a meeting in Washington. However, Mnatsakanyan meant a meeting of ministers, not leaders. The talks between Nikol Pashinyan and Ilham Aliyev are out of the question.

We are introducing a new comment of the department: 'As you know, the co-chairs suggested organising a meeting of the foreign ministers. And during the briefing, the minister spoke about the possibility of precisely such a meeting.'

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It is expected that a new meeting of the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia will be held in Washington, but it would be wrong to say something now, ahead of the receiving side. This was stated to journalists in Brussels by Armenian Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan, Sputnik-Armenia reports.

He urged 'to wait a little longer,' noting that the parties are waiting for a certain concretisation for the new round of the meeting. According to the Armenian minister, the receiving party itself should say how the organisation of the meeting is possible, when it is convenient for them, so that the parties also discuss and evaluate the dates, give their consent.

'In principle, we have no problems,' he added.

Recall that the last meeting of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was held in Vienna on 29 March.

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