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Armenian defence minister: 'I personally gave order to kill Elshan Khalilov'



Yesterday, another Azerbaijani soldier was killed by the Armenian side. Elshan Khalilov (born 2000), a resident of the village of Kohnegoshlag of the Gedabey district, became a martyr as the result of the violation of the cease-fire regime by Armenia in the Terter direction of the front line. A few days before this, Major Agil Omarov was killed by an enemy sniper in the Aghdam direction.

After the killing of the Azerbaijani major, the Armenian side spread a message that on June 1 in the Khojavend direction, a soldier Sipan Melkonyan was killed as a result of the fire from the Azerbaijani positions. The Armenian Ministry of Defence announced that it would avenge this event.

Today, Armenian Defence Minister David Tonoyan confirmed that he personally ordered the killing of an Azerbaijani soldier on the Tartar front.

According to the press-service of the Ministry of Defence of Armenia, David Tonoyan wrote the servicemen 'who carried out punitive actions for the death of the murdered Sipan Melkonyan' up to a high award. The information says that 'high-level military personnel fulfilled their task.'

This statement once again confirms that a series of provocations carried out by the armed forces of Armenia on the front line are directly commissioned by the leadership of Armenia. The Armenian defence minister personally gave the order to kill the Azerbaijani soldier, or 'carry out punitive actions,' and then rewarded those who carried out the order.

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, answering the question of an Azerbaijani journalist during the economic forum in St Petersburg, tried to refute the involvement of the Armenian leadership in provocations on the front lines, the murder of an Azerbaijani soldier and violation of the agreements reached in Dushanbe.

Pashinyan said that the fact of the murder of the Azerbaijani soldier was investigated. In particular, according to the Armenian PM, the weapons of the Armenian soldiers who were on duty that day were checked, the videos were checked and 'it was established that the Armenian soldiers did not open fire.' The alleged evidence was transferred to the Azerbaijani side.

Of course, Pashinyan's statements are absurd, it's about a provocation made by a specially trained sniper. And statements about the verification of weapons of Armenian soldiers are designed only to evade responsibility.

And today, the minister of defence of Armenia admitted that he personally ordered the murder of an Azerbaijani soldier. Moreover, he publicly rewarded those who carried out his order.

How long should Azerbaijan, given the current situation, comply with the agreements on reducing tensions reached in Dushanbe? Is it not time to start a real punitive operation using all types of weapons, as was mentioned in the recent instruction of Zakir Hasanov to the troops?

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