Caucasus Reality 13 august — 11:34

Armenian soldier deserted to Azerbaijan (Photo)


On August 12, in the morning, as a result of the vigilance of the Azerbaijani units, a serviceman Kazaryan Aro Khaikovich deserting from the military unit of the enemy was detained in the direction of the Fuzuli region of the front, informs the press-service of the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry.

During the initial interrogation, it was understood that the reason for the desertion of the Armenian serviceman was the arbitrariness prevailing in the military unit of the enemy, as well as an unbearable and inhuman attitude towards the military personnel.

The repeated exposure of the Armenian serviceman A. Kazaryan to physical and moral pressures by commanders and other servicemen for a long time is also evident in hematomas in the head area and numerous wounds on the body.

Currently, A. Kazaryan is receiving medical assistance. Relevant steps are being taken to investigate the incident.

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