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Pashinyan goes to Trump to ask for money (Washington not interested in Armenia)



Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is going on a visit to the United States to pay his respects to President Trump. 'He's going to ask for money,' the opposition comments. Armenia has already received approximately $2 billion from the United States. At the same time, Pashinyan has already established relations with President Putin and learned how to shake the Russian money tree, according to an article in the Russian newspaper

The publication notes that Nikol Pashinyan is going to the United States on September 22 or so. The Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, George Kent responded to the upcoming visit. He said that the United States wants to see a 'prosperous successful Armenia.' A peaceful change of power in the spring of 2018 opened, according to him, new opportunities for the development of Armenia, and the United States is interested in helping the country in this matter.

Earlier, in May of this year, a representative of the US administration had already met with Pashinyan in Yerevan and discussed the possibility of his meeting with US President Donald Trump. At that time, they failed to organise negotiations between the two leaders. As the prime minister himself reported, 'because of the schedule and other circumstances.' In New York, Pashinyan then planned a meeting with his compatriots, but it also didn't get well.

However, it was recognised that there was a 'lack of progress in bilateral relations' between the US and Armenia due to the lack of high-level contacts. Nevertheless, in the absence of friendly contacts at the highest level, the United States does not spare money for Armenia.

According to Kent, since the moment of gaining independence, the United States has provided the country with assistance in the amount of more than $2 billion for educational programs, for the improvement of villages, and mine clearance of the war zone.

In addition, after Pashinyan came to power, the United States continued to provide financial assistance to Armenia in the development of alternative electricity, for democratic reforms.

It is assumed that during his visit to the United States, Pashinyan will speak in Los Angeles to the Armenian diaspora in the territory of 'Grand Park,' right in front of the city hall. The participation of 20-30 thousand people is expected. 'I have long wanted to meet with our compatriots living in Los Angeles, in the most Armenian city... I think we will have a powerful and warm Armenian meeting in the city, which many rightfully call the capital of the diaspora,' the Armenian prime minister stated in social networks.

According to various estimates, from half a million to two million Armenians live in the United States. In Armenia itself live less than 3 million. Pashinyan's opponents say that his meeting with his compatriots and Trump last year was frustrated because no one was interested in Pashinyan. And now he is going overseas to ask Trump for money.

According to the leading Forex Optimum analyst Ivan Kapustyansky, judging by the fact that the agenda of the visit of the Armenian leader to the US is still under development, it is either extremely important and complicated, or there simply are no suitable topics for it.

Ivan Kapustyansky

From the point of view of the current geopolitical situation, the second option is obviously the most likely 'and a possible meeting of the two leaders will confirm this once again,' Kapustyansky believes.

Experts make it clear that for the United States, at least right now, led by Trump, Armenia or Georgia are not at all interesting, there are more important topics there. And this means that the results of the expected meeting are likely to be 'formal in nature.'

'The Americans are now definitely not ready to increase external investments in relations that are unpromising in terms of quick benefits. Only US interests in geopolitics, or stories for the domestic electorate, remain,' the expert says. So, Pashinyan is simply doomed to sit on two chairs at the same time.

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