Caucasus Reality 12 september — 13:29

Protesters in Yerevan accuse Pashinyan of betrayal


A protest rally was held in Yerevan by people who advocate preventing the exploitation of the gold deposit in Amulsar. The protesters accused Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan of abusing his power and betraying the values of the velvet revolution, write the Armenian media.

Protesters marched through the streets of Yerevan, chanting slogans to prevent the operation of the mine. Environmentalist Ani Khachatryan, who participated in the march, said that if the field's development began, the head of the government would make a big mistake that would show that he had betrayed the values of the revolution and was no better than the previous authorities.

Amulsar's defenders are confident that the 'Lidian' company, which received the rights to develop the field, misinformed the country's authorities and society. And the beginning of the operation of the mine will lead to an environmental disaster.

'Pashinyan provides patronage to the company at the highest level. This is a blatant fact of abuse. Pashinyan and his government are responsible for the fact that at the expense of the entire population of the country, some kind of corporation will profit by blackmail,' the ecologist said.

The result of the protest was the proclamation of September 20 as the day of environmental mobilisation. Amulsar's defenders urge all citizens to join the protests this day, and those who can't to hang out flags in support of the protesters.

Recall, on September 9, Nikol Pashinyan said that there was no reason to ban the exploitation of the gold deposit in Amulsar, and asked Jermuk residents to unblock the roads to the mine. In response, on September 10, Amulsar's defenders, who opposed the development of the deposit, gave the authorities ten days, after which peaceful acts of disobedience would begin.

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