Caucasus Reality 10 october — 11:33

Ilham Aliyev and Giorgi Gakharia wrote finis to Keshikchidag case


Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gahharia today began a government meeting with summarising his visit to Azerbaijan, which included, among other things, the issue of the Keshikchidag cave monastery complex (David-Gareji), Sputnik-Georgia reports.

Gakharia chose Azerbaijan as the first place of a foreign visit in the status of prime minister. In Baku, he held talks with President Ilham Aliyev.

'We had an absolutely open conversation about current problems, and as a result, I can say that from tomorrow the churches located on the territory of the complex will open for the Georgian clergy and, accordingly, we must step by step make serious progress in this direction,' said Gakharia.

According to him, Georgia and Azerbaijan must resolve the issue of inconsistent border sections taking into account the interests of both countries. On one of these sites is Keshikchidag. Part of the complex, in particular the southwestern slope of the mountain, on which the monasteries of Udabno and Chichkhitura are located, is controlled by Azerbaijan.

'We have noted more than once that this problem should be solved taking into account the national interests of the two countries, taking into account the interests of the historical heritage and the church,' said Gakharia.

He also called on the citizens of the country to show great responsibility and caution both in actions and in words.

'Everyone should understand that the love of the motherland and patriotism do not imply pseudo-patriotic tricks, statements and meaningless steps,' said the prime minister.

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