Caucasus Reality 6 november — 15:28

How Masis Ingilizyan tried to start a war between Azerbaijan and Georgia


Well-known Western information resource Bellingcat spread a fake that could lead to disagreements in relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia. This is stated in the material of the Georgian edition of News Front.

On November 1, through the efforts of Bellingcat in Georgia, information was circulated that Azerbaijani troops allegedly occupied part of Georgian territory near the junction of the borders of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. The author of the material was a journalist of Armenian origin Masis Ingilizyan.

The situation was complicated by the fact that in the process of citing the links with the source were lost, and in Georgia they distributed information referring to a pro-Armenian website, where the author was not even indicated. This caused concern among the population of the republic.

In this case, as noted in the Georgian edition of News Front, local media, even realising that the Bellingcat news was an outright lie, chose to remain silent rather than dispel fears.

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