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'I'll dig my grandson's corpse and bring it to Yerevan's central square' (Yezids' displeasure)


Suicides and deaths of soldiers of the occupying Armenian army in Nagorno-Karabakh are causing serious concern among the Armenian society.

According to the Armenian publication, the grandfather of a 21-year-old soldier, an ethnic Yezidi Artur Ajamyan, who was killed during one of the incidents on 2 December 2019, is preparing to block the railways in protest to the fact that the circumstances of his grandson's death are not being investigated.

Khativ Ajamyan assures that, despite the promise of the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, to give a course to the criminal case, no significant changes are observed.

'He, like the head of the parliamentary committee on defence and security, Andranik Kocharyan, softly mocks,' says Khativ Ajamyan.

On the day of the incident, soldier David Melikbekyan also received a gunshot wound. It was impossible to meet his parents, said Artur's grandfather. They say that David is in a coma, and his mother did not want to get in touch.

The investigation into the case has not yet been completed. Ajamyan complains about the inaction of law enforcement agencies. The investigator said that on the arms, in addition to Artur's fingerprints, there are prints of three more people, but he didn't give names: 'There were seven. One of them was wounded, one died, five are alive. Don't these five know who shot whom?' the grandfather of the murdered Armenian soldier asks.

The Investigative Committee stated that the injured Melikbekyan had not yet been interrogated, there were no accused and suspects in the case.

'They promised us to solve this case. If not, we will block the railway line. The community does not get up, because I do not allow them.

A few days ago they killed a guy, put forward the same version - suicide. People came out, Tonoyan asked, said: I won't stay in office if you don't take away the corpse (on 2 February, relatives tried to bring the soldier's corpse to Yerevan in protest - Ed.). I, too, am capable of anything, I will take out the corpse and take it to the central square,' said Ajamyan.

The family claims that it has not received and does not want any help, but wants to know the reason: 'The child will not return, but let the guilty answer, or else he'll commit another crime.' Artur's grandfather is sure that this is not the first and not the last such case. In the Armenian army, he said, there is no discipline, it is 'worse than in prison.'

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