Caucasus Reality 24 june — 09:07

Azerbaijani defence minister: 'Why didn't we hit Shusha?' (Zakir Hasanov answers public)


Azerbaijani Defence Minister Zakir Hasanov for the first time shed light on one of the most pressing burning issues that worried the Azerbaijani public on the eve of the inauguration of the new separatist leader in Shusha. In social networks, the public raised the main question: why, during the inauguration, the Azerbaijani Army did not deliver a lightning strike on the occupation corps?

'I will answer your question. Some people even claimed, they said, at a briefing I could not speak Azerbaijani. It's a lie. Moreover, they voiced such a thesis that the minister of defence should have raised a question before President Ilham Aliyev about the need to strike at Shusha. I want everyone to hear: Mr President knows what to do, better than me and others, and he did it,' Zakir Hasanov emphasised.

The minister of defence noted that the Azerbaijani Army is conducting large-scale exercises as directed by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

'According to the plan, in a short time in those days, thousands of soldiers, hundreds of tanks and artillery were mobilised in all directions. The Armenians panicked and began to turn to international organisations. This allowed actualising the occupation policy of Armenia on the agenda of international organisations. Their generals and politicians began to complain, they say, they are threatened, put pressure on them and so on.

Even military experts in the United States spoke up. According to them, the training of the Azerbaijani Army is carried out using new methods, new tactics and is similar to the training of the US Army. The Armenian lobby was alarmed over this statement. Through a pro-Armenian senator, they appealed to the US Secretary of Defence and the Secretary of State with a call to stop Azerbaijan,' defence minister emphasised.

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