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Clarification for Georgian Foreign Ministry: Photos and information (Editorial)



The editorial board of Haqqin.Az and Azeri Daily as its Eglish language version was surprised to read the statement of the Foreign Ministry of Georgia, a country friendly to Azerbaijan. To our deep regret, in the statement of the official Tbilisi the competence and seriousness of our publication were questioned. Moreover, Haqqin.Az (and consequently Azeri Daily) was accused of deliberately disseminating disinformation.

After the loud statement of the Georgian Foreign Ministry, the editorial board of Haqqin.Az is forced to present some facts to the attention of the Azerbaijani and Georgian public.

At the same time, we treat with understanding the diplomatic canons, which should dictate any statement by the foreign policy department of any sovereign state.

Recall that on July 19, Haqqin.Az (and subsequently Azeri Daily), citing informed military sources, announced the supply of weapons, in particular, launchers for Grad installations (MLRS), as well as mortar shells from Serbia to Georgia, and then to Armenia, advancing on Azerbaijani positions in Tovuz area.

How will the foreign policy department of a country friendly to Azerbaijan comment on the photos of launchers delivered by land from Russia and located on the territory of their country, which will cross the border with Armenia a little later?

We sincerely hope that this time the facts for Georgian diplomats will become an indisputable thing, because the location of military equipment should not raise doubts and questions among people living in Georgia. And after a few hours, this very military equipment will cross the state border and head to the country opposing Azerbaijan.

And now about the mortar shells delivered by air from Serbia to Georgia.

We inform the Georgian side that these weapons were delivered to the territory of the state friendly to US and NATO by the well-known criminal arms dealer Slobodan Tesic, who is under the sanctions of Washington and the restrictions of the well-known Magnitsky Act. According to the documents at the disposal of Haqqin.Az (Azeri Daily), the consignor of the cargo with mortar shells is the Serbian company Vectura Trans D.O.O, registered at Narodnih Heroja 16, 11070, Belgrade, and the recipient is the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia. It should be noted that Vectura Trans is on the US sanctions list under the so-called Magnitsky Act.

The delivery of weapons was carried out from the Serbian city of Nis by means of airlines belonging to one of the CIS countries. (Azeri Daily) came across the name of Slobodan Tesic after a high-profile investigation by Russian journalists from The Moscow Post about another arms dealer, David Galstyan, who is wanted in Russia. Tesic and Galstyan are partners, which is not a state secret for the Serbian government.

Unfortunately, for objective reasons, Haqqin.Az (Azeri Daily) cannot disclose more detailed information about mortar shells transported from Georgia to Armenia.

We can only state that the Georgian government allowed the supply of weapons to the country intended for Armenia by persons under the sanctions of the US Congress.

The editorial staff of Haqqin.Az (Azeri Daily) hopes that the Georgian Foreign Ministry will clarify and comment on the above facts.

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