Caucasus Reality 1 august — 12:48

Serbia's trade minister: 'Serbia has been issuing permits for arms export to Armenia since 2017'


'Since 2017, Serbia has issued 19 permits for the export of weapons to Armenia to the firms Vectura trans, Partizan tech and Zastava oružje. Serbian Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić said this on 30 July, answering in writing to the questions of the deputy of the Serbian parliament Marinka Tepić about the export of Serbian weapons to Armenia, Azeri Daily reports with reference to Regnum.

According to the minister, there are no formal and legal restrictions for this, since Armenia is not under any multilateral sanctions.

'But I agree that in the future we should approach this issue more carefully so as not to break friendly relations with Azerbaijan, a state with which we maintain excellent political and economic ties,' the N1 TV channel quoted Ljajić's answer.

Recall that some time ago, Azeri Daily published a series of articles about how a large batch of mortar ammunition of various calibres had been delivered from Serbia through Georgia to Armenia a few days before the attack and during the height of hostilities in the direction of Tovuz. In the opinion of our editorial board, the supply of weapons to Armenia, with which Azerbaijan is at war, contradicts the spirit of the Azerbaijani-Serbian strategic partnership.

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